HONEYTELLA Blended Wildflower Honey and Cacao


  • Utterly delicious dark chocolate flavour
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free From: Gluten| Salt | Refined Sugar
  • Less calories than chocolate & nut spreads
  • More calcium than any chocolate
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Recommended for children and adults
  • Contains over 93% of wildflower honey
  • Healthy replacement for sugary spreads
  • Profits shared with The Honeypot Charity
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DAIRY FREE DARK CHOCOLATE ALTERNATIVE- Take advantage of the power of the hive and experience untold health benefits with our chocolate flavoured delight The Honey Lovers HONEYTELLA Blended Wildflower Honey with Cacao!

MOUTH-WATERINGLY HEALTHY CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED SPREAD – Expertly blended raw honey with precision and care, our flavour infused honey provides the delightful chocolate flavoured taste, without the guilt! Powerfully uplifting, our low calories, zero added sugar, gluten free, dark chocolate spread alternative.

GORGEOUS FLAVOUR – Expertly blended raw honey with 100% natural ingredients of cacao. Every batch is fully tested for quality and authenticity of origin in accordance with strict EU, UK and USA Government standards. Our honey blends are never overheated, retaining all their natural properties. Expertly blended to have a smooth velvety texture and a divine rich taste. The process takes up to 7 days and requires precision and care. That makes our flavour infused honey utterly delicious! We’e hooked, and we’re sure you’ll be too! Suitable for vegetarian diet.

MADE WITH LOVE – Ethically sourced raw honey from the unspoilt, picturesque mountains, pollen-rich, wildflower pure honey is never overheated to ensure the nutrients are retained! Bursting with antioxidants and vitamins for added health benefits.

AUTHENTIC VERSATILITY – Incorporating nature’s sweetener with low fat cacao twist into your daily routine has never been easier! Simply spread our enchantingly fragrant honey onto bagels and crepes. Also adddd to milk for a tasty drink, or (our personal favourite) just scoop straight from the jar!

YOUR BEST SELF – Our fibrous honey blend with cacao may aid energy levels, strength, endurance, and recovery from intense exercise. Our natural honey alternative may help to nourish and support your immune system, fighting colds and winter rundown.

No Added Sugar, Gluten Free, Fat Free | Glass jar 250 g or 50 g.

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50g, 250g


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