Beauty secrets of honey

What is honey?

Despite how much we eat the stuff, honey is actually meant for bees – it’s stored in honeycombs so bees have something to keep them nourished during colder months when the environment is lacking in flowers.

Honey begins as nectar, but, thanks to the bees, slowly transforms into the gorgeous golden liquid we so love.

How is honey made?

Honey is made by thousands of committed bees. It begins as nectar (a sugary liquid) in flowers, which bees extract using their long, tube-shaped tongue.

After extraction, the honey is stored in the bee’s secondary stomach, also known as the ‘crop’. Here it mixes with enzymes that alter its pH and composition and make it compatible for long-term storage.

Once the bee’s finished collecting, it heads back home, to the hive. Here the bee passes the nectar back through its mouth into the mouth of another bee, and so on and so forth until the partially digested nectar is deposited into a honeycomb.

It’s here that the magic happens – bees waft their wings in front of the honeycombs to help water evaporate from the nectar and turn it into lovely, thick honey. Once most of the water has been removed, the comb is sealed by bees with a liquid that eventually hardens into beeswax.

Who knew little old bees did so much?

What are the health benefits of honey?

Honey is a nature of Mericle its consumed as food also a form of medication. Honey is particularly healthy where it’s used instead of sugar; it contains nutrients that can boost your immune system, it contains no fibre, fat or protein; it’s a source of antioxidants. High-quality honey contains organic acids and flavonoids. Its potential benefits are: preventing heart attacks, stroke and some types of cancer. Eating honey may also reduce blood pressure and lower the risk factor for heart disease.

Honey promotes the healing of wounds. The topical honey treatment has been used to heal wounds and burns it also has several benefits for beauty treatment such as face masks and anti-ageing properties. Honey can help suppress coughs, remember that honey should never be given to children due to the risk of botulism.

The Honey Lovers

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